Advance Xitanium Gen2 Sensor Ready (SR) Bridge

Commercial Release

The Advance Xitanium SR bridges are designed to expand the flexibility and application of the SR protocol with SR-certified components. These models enable use of SR with the full range of Advance Xitanium 0-10V dimming drivers. Primary use cases are: 1) for use in combination with 0-10V drivers where SR-specific models are not available; this makes deployment of SR practical for any niche application where a 0-10V dimming driver is available; and 2) for use with multiple 0-10V drivers where per-fixture control is either not desired or not practical. In such application, the SR bridge aggregates all drivers and controls/monitors as one group.

May 13, 2021


  • Updated SR specifications (SR2.0) that include applicable data in standardized ANSI C137.4/D4i memory banks
  • Zero-crossing switching
  • Energy reporting
  • Linear (1-8v) dimming curve matches standard Advance Xitanium drivers
  • SmartMate form factor with bottom entry and side entry
  • 0-10V interface is designed to sink or source current of up to 10mA


  • Output power options from 7 to 20 watts 
  • Class 2 and high voltage output variants (up to 200 Vdc) 
  • Lithium battery technology, for more power in a smaller, lighter package 
  • ABConnect senses AC line to simplify shipping, storage, installation, and activation of the emergency lighting luminaire 
  • Self-test for easy code compliant testing 
  • Special application models available for FEMA rated extended runtime for up to 4 hours 
  • Extreme temperature models for -20°C operation  
  • Low profile, with and without conduit, and separate battery options for space limited applications