Philips Fortimo LED Strip 1ft and 2ft CES Modules

Commercial Release

The impact of lighting on the human body is the subject of many research studies. Several studies have proven that the light spectrum influences the body’s creation of the sleep hormone melatonin. In this area of human centric lighting (HCL) the Fortimo LED Strip CES HV/LV5 provides the right spectrum of light to help the human body to suppress the creation of melatonin during the day. This is being achieved by adding cyan light to the LED modules and combine them with white LEDs to create a neutral white color temperature. This technology is called Cyan Enhanced Static (CES) and is based on the Fortimo LED Strip platform. CES technology helps to achieve the highest MDER possible at a comfortable light quality.

October 28, 2020

Features and Benefits

  • Upgrade your existing fixture easily to an HCL solution by applying Fortimo LED Strip CES
  • MDER ≥ 0.86 possible at 500lux with comfortable light quality
  • 4200K, CRI > 80, R9 >50 • Available in 1ft and 2ft
  • Choose from high voltage or low voltage boards
  • Highly efficient HCL solution: 162 Lm/W
  • Excellent color consistency of 3 SDCM
  • Long lifetime solution: >70.000 hours
  • Five years system warranty