Philips EasySense SNS210 MC Sensor

Philips EasySense SNS210 MC (Master Connect) is a cost-effective, DLC-qualified networked lighting control solution for the commercial indoor spaces such as offices, hospitals, and classrooms. It supports multiple advanced features such as scene setting and group sharing without the need for an expensive external gateway. While it is built on the same hardware and firmware platform as its predecessor Philips EasySense SNS200, additional advanced lighting control functionalities such as color tuning and energy reporting have been added. They help to improve the effectiveness and user experience of this DLC-qualified networked lighting control solution.

With the introduction of the new MasterConnect app, which is available for both the iOS or Android smartphones, you can wirelessly configure all the device parameters, set the control group or zone, collect energy consumption of the LED fixture, or perform firmware update.

November 13, 2020


  • Integrated motion/daylight sensing
  • Wireless networked lighting control (Zigbee)
  • Configurable with iOS/Android smartphones
  • Commissioning using flashlight or Bluetooth
  • Energy monitoring
  • Tunable-white control (with Advance FlexTune System)
  • Over-the-air update
  • DLC qualified