Advance Xitanium SR Duravolt LED driver

The award-winning Advance Xitanium SR Duravolt LED driver can help reduce complexity and cost of light fixtures used in connected lighting systems in outdoor lighting applications. It features a standard digital interface to enable direct connection to SR-certified components. Functionality that ordinarily would require additional auxiliary components is integrated into the driver. The result is a simple, cost-effective light fixture that can enable every fixture to become a wireless node.


Key Features

  • Programmable output current through SimpleSet
  • 6kV combi-wave surge rating to comply with ANSI C82.77-5 CAT C
  • 277V-480V operating window
  • 50,000+ hour lifetime*
  • Large operating window
  • Available in non-aux, aux, and SR versions
  • DuraVolt SR version is D4i certified